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Special Offers
The price you pay today is the same price you pay when you pass your test with Alan Marlow Driving Tuition.

If comparing prices remember that you are getting personal one to one tuition from a FULLY QUALIFIED, FULLY APPROVED driving instructor with OVER 18 YEARS EXPERIENCE!
First TWO hour lesson, no experience: £50
*A two hour introductory lesson for an absolute beginner

*A gift voucher card is available at no extra cost

*Learn what is involved to pass the driving test

*Get to know the controls of the car

*Drive a new Peugeot 208 diesel

*All this for just £50 - that´s only £25 per hour

* And best of all its really great fun! *
One Hour Tuition - pay as you go
10 hours (pre-paid) - £34 hour
Pre-paid in advance
20 Hours (pre-paid) - £33 hour
Pre-paid in advance
35 Hours (pre-paid) - £28.57p hour
A pre-payment of 35 hours. As most young pupils take around 35 hours of tuition to achieve test standard you MAY find this package will cover all of your training. If further lessons are required simply follow the standard price list. Remember you still qualify for block booking discount! This "best deal" course saves £225 over a standard 35 hour course!
Intensive Courses
A 2.5 hour intensive manoeuvres course. Learn how to parallel park, bay parking (in and out), pull up on right hand side of the road, controlled stop, turn in the road. Great if you are struggling to master the art of manoeuvres and/or just want additional help to try to get test ready. This course is usually carried out on a Saturday or Sunday.

Further Instruction
FREE REFRESHER LESSON! - Marlow´s ex pupils
Well done, you have passed your driving test within the last 12 months with Marlows!

Problem is...you have only just got around to buying your first car. Maybe you are feeling a little ´rusty´

No problem

Give me a call and we can arrange a one hour refresher lesson FREE OF CHARGE

The FREE lesson will make you feel more comfortable and confident before driving again

The FREE lesson can be taken any time in the 12 months after passing with Marlows
A 2.5 hour course. Typically you will be driving on four different motorways and at least one busy "A" road.

Ideal for new and experienced drivers of all ages who have had little or no motorway experience or simply want to further their education - very highly recommended!

This course is usually carried out on a Saturday or Sunday
Sign up for Pass Plus, a training scheme for new drivers. It is designed to develop your skills and knowledge to make you a safer driver and includes motorway driving - and you may even qualify for discount on your car insurance!

Depending on your experience the time spent on each of the six modules taken over the six hour course varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours

There is NO test at the end of the course as am authorised by the DVSA to provide the pass certificate with a grading

For driving lessons in and around Northampton in areas NN1 to NN5
Alan Marlow Driving School
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